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The road can be intimidating, dangerous place for both new and experienced drivers alike. We want our students to feel comfortable behind the wheel while practicing defensive driving and safety techniques. To accommodate all needs, we offer both teen driving courses (ages 14-17) and adult driving courses (ages 18 & older). Instructors prepare students to pass the driving test exam and obtain a Texas driver's license. We also administer DPS road testing. Driving in Rosenberg Driving School in Rosenberg

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Defensive Driving


Our driving school offers online defensive driving courses for those seeking ticket dismissal or who wish to earn a safe driver certificate for insurance purposes. These classes are tailored to fit each student's specific needs, and the duration and number of classes taken will be determined on an individual basis

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In short, we hope to make the roads a safer place for everyone by laying a strong, foundation of excellence. Our goals is to instill good driving practices in each individual through stimulating classroom lessons as well as practical behind-the-wheel experiences with a helpful instructor. If you have any additional questions or would like to enroll in our school, please contact us - we are happy to answer any of your questions in person, over the phone, or via email.

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